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    CERN: Higgs Boson has been confirmed!

    ^For those of you that may not fully understand what this actually means....I'll use the most basic explanation.

    The Higgs particle explains how other particles get their mass.

    In other words, we are getting more and more closer to discovering the Universe's origins.

    It's a very exciting day for physicists and scientists around the world.

    BTW....this is the culmination of over 20 years trying to confirm that this Higgs particle even existed.

    This is why I respect science and scientists so much.

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    Fun facts...

    March 14, 1879: The father of modern Physics is born, a man who's brilliance would forever change the way we perceive space and time.

    March 14 is of course Pi Day......3.14

    March 14, 2013: CERN reports the confirmation of the Higgs particle.

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    Even so, the scientists are not sure whether this Higgs boson is the one predicted by the Standard Model or perhaps the lightest of several bosons predicted to exist by other theories.
    we have some time yet, this will get interesting and lead us to what makes it up and so on

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    This is a big deal. The scientists are still going over the data and want to confirm this though. It could open up physics again and the scientists pointed in the right direction.

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    I want to stress something which no one brought up....

    The fact that up until it's confirmation.....the higgs particle was a PREDICTION by the "Standard Model".

    Scientists did not actually know this existed, since they had not confirmed it.

    However, this fit the model and it fit their was kinda like a "missing link".....we know what it is, we just haven't found it.

    Well, guess what?

    We found it....and it fits into the "Standard Model".

    BTW, it is rather funny that OUTSIDE the scientific community this is being called the "God Particle".


    If anything the Higgs particle gives more evidence to a NATURALISTIC Universe....not a supernatural universe.

    This particle is a very important component to the "Big Bang theory" and it shows just how science can make models that make predictions as to how a certain phenomenon came about.

    The reason not too many people are talking about this, is because this is pretty complicated stuff.....but make no mistake, this discovery is yet another accomplishment to science asking questions and not being satisfied with "God did it".

    For more information on the Higgs particle, here is Physicist Michio Kaku:

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    hey he also believes in alternate universes, what do you think about that?

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    I thought it was called "God" particle because it was that important, not because it's God.

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    so I want to here from the atheists who believe in alternate universes, but no god or afterlife

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    Quote Originally Posted by shrewsbury View Post
    so I want to here from the atheists who believe in alternate universes, but no god or afterlife
    I would like to stress that no one has said alternate universes are real yet. This is based on M-theory. The math is good and it explains why gravity looks weaker then the other fundamental forces of nature(electromagnetism, weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force). The possibly consequence of M-theory is there are multiple dimensions of space. What those look like? No one knows. No one knows if M-theory is correct yet. Although they have found some interesting things such as there appears to be something pulling the mass of the universe to one side like a possible other universe.

    The problem I have with M-theory is it uses too many infinties in it. Infinty in physcis is not real. It is used to describe things that we have no math models for yet.
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