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    Question Heat win 20th game in a row....when will they lose again?

    Heat become fourth team to win 20 straight games in single season

    Heat have won 20 games in a row. So when will they lose their next game? Can anybody in the East stop them?
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    I would of thought this would of been the Lakers in the West with the addition of Howard and Nash - man was I wrong. I am willing to bet the streak will be broken by a team like the Bobcats or something . . .

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    Can anyone say "Repeat"!!!

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    When the few stars in the east quit going out for the season or when parity and competition is restored.

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    I don't know when they will lose but I don't see them breaking the record.

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    Interesting that even with a 21 game win streak, the Spurs were the first to 50 wins..... just sayin lol

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    I wish the Nuggets could host them again this season. I'm not saying the Nuggets would win, but it would be a fun game to watch.

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    I hope that the Celtics can end it tonight. The Heat are just playing really good basketball right no but I think that they are going to burn out. They are more focused on the record than resting their players. They are going to get tired and then lose in the playoff (hopefully)

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