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    Dave and Adam's Scratch & Dent/Outlet store

    Anyone ever been to the scratch & dent store on Pearce Ave in Tonawanda? I'll be in Buffalo the end of the month so I was planning to head to the Sheridan store. I was checking their other locations and saw that. Wondering if there's any good deals on hockey wax. I'm not that picky about condition so I wouldn't picking up some stuff for cheap if there's a dented corner on the box.

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    i go there fairly frequently....they really arent that much cheaper than the regular store/online sales just a few dollars here and there. Also i think they are closed untill mid april because they are reopening as an outlet store, but it may be april first so dont quote me on the date, but when they do have a a good sale its a steal.

    for instance I picked up two packs of finest baseball for 14 bucks total and got a yu darvish rookie auto, but that was the last outstanding deal i got there, perhaps after relaunch they will have more frequent sweet deals.

    hope the info helps

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    Thanks! That does help. I'll have to call to see if they are open in late March. Appreciate the warning.

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    The S&D store will sometimes have really good prices on newer stuff.

    Before I moved from the money pit (which we FINALLY sold, at least the contract is in place to sell), I got a 10 boxes of 11-12 BTP for less than $650 (including tax).

    as Afrank said, the prices are not dramatically better, but there are deals to be had.

    And it re-opens on April 1. April 6th, they are having a signing with Cody Hodgson and possibly Mikhail Grigorenko (if Quebec is out of the QMJHL playoffs at that point).
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