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Thread: A few highend for trade

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    A few highend for trade

    Putting these up for trade

    Looking for the Best Crosby's (Rookies have the best chance)I can get.

    SV> $50 only 10 copies

    Gold Auto number 1/1 SV> $50
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    Would you be interested in selling the gretzky/messier.....if so what are you looking for on it?
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    PCMB High End Crosby for the Gretzgy Thanks
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    Lmk BV of the dual auto, Thanks

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    Hi Carol, no idea on BV for this one, would be trading based on SV for this one

    Quote Originally Posted by capt55 View Post
    Lmk BV of the dual auto, Thanks

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    To the top, thanks for the inquires so far, will start answering in a day or 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by suitman19 View Post
    Any interest in thhis Crosby:

    What of mine are you looking at?

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