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    WTTF 04/05 Leather and Lumber Leather Cuts Autos

    I am going to be trying to put together this set and would like to trade for the autos. I have enclosed a scan of which ones I am talking about. I am looking for 2004 anf 2005. There is a leather auto version (on glove) and lumber auto version (on bat). I will take either but prefer the leather. I am not looking for the rookie autos from these sets, though. Also, if you happen to have any 2005 Reflection dual auto/patches "Cut from the same cloth" autos, I would love to trade for them. Thanks for looking.
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    I'm really, really interested in your Robin Roberts AU. Would you take other forms of payment next to paypal?
    I have 2 of those Leather Cut autos (Chris Roberson RC and a John Hattig RC) but the last one has a small white spot on the card.
    Just LMK what we can do!


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