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    What is the theme of you collection?

    What is the theme of you collection? For example is it Hall of Fame autos, players who went to UCLA or ballplayers for the DC area? For me personally my theme is an over all history of of the game. My two favorite sports to collect are football and basketball so I try to obtain as many rookies and autos of ballplayers as possible weather they be certified, IP or ttm. I also like to include other leauges like the wnba, streetball, areana football, cfl, etc. Included in my collection are my PCs of Kobe, Lebron, Jordan, Walter Payton and OJ. I am slowly branching out into baseball and hockey and would like to do something similiar in those sports but it wont be as large as the other 2.
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    My favorite sports teams are the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Penguins and NY Yankees so I collect cards of any players who played on those teams..I was born and raised in Altoona Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh Pirates have a AA Eastern League Baseball team there (Altoona Curve) so I collect any players who played there..Then I have my pc of cards of my favorite players such as Derek Jeter, Sidney Crosby, Mario Lenieux, Evgeni Malkin, Emmit Smith,there are other players I collect but there are too many to list..

    Then in College Basketball I collect The Duke Blue Devils..


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    for me it is sets first, then favorite teams (see sig), then favorite players

    my "theme" would be: Old School Set Building.

    I tend to avoid the hi-end/auto/relic stuff cause of the clash between my addictive personalty and limited budget.

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    Well for me I like to collect my favorite players first (Sergei Bobrovsky and Gustav Nyquist) then I collect my favorite teams (Wings and Flyers) but mainly like to focus on goalies and HOF'ers.

    For my Bobrovsky PC I am slowly in the process of having it all graded (very slowly like 5-7 cards a month through the group sub here) and then for my team PC's I use binders divided into 3 sections, Game Used, Autos, and Parallels/Inserts and team base cards into those giant 5000 count white storage boxes. Then I also collect signed pucks and 8x10's (again Wings and Flyers) but they just sit in a box since I don't have any place to properly display them right now.

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    I'm a college team collector, I collect former Penn state players. Life long Penn State fan, live about 45 minutes from there. I collected a lot of different teams/ players when I was younger. Accumulated to much stuff and got out for a while. Got back in off and on for a bit, started collecting full time when Lavar Arrington had some cards come out. Decided to focus on just collecting former Penn State players and PSU memorabilia and have built up a nice autograph collection over the years. Also have a large collection base/game used and insert cards but I tend to focus on the autographs for the most part.

    I like to sprinkle in some autographed HOF'ers from different sport from time to time too but a limited budget keeps that collection small.

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    I collect vintage baseball players' GU/Auto (1960s and before), I love my Mets so I have a PC collection of them and I'm also building a couple sets (2006 Legendary Cuts and the Rated Rookie on card autos /99 from 2012 National Treasures). I'm also just starting to dip into basketball a bit with my Celtics PC.

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    I am also a little all over.My teams are the NY Yankees,Ny Giants,St Johns basketball,Lakers my main focus of players are Derek Jeter,Don mattingly,Kobe Bryant, and Moe Harkless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajcorleone View Post
    I am also a little all over.My teams are the NY Yankees,Ny Giants,St Johns basketball,Lakers my main focus of players are Derek Jeter,Don mattingly,Kobe Bryant, and Moe Harkless.
    any interest in a Harkless Leaf Signature Series Rookie Auto /25? ft/fs if it helps yur collection

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    For me personally, it's my favorite team's auto's (Tigers and Red Wings), then auto's of players that I like such as Kellen Moore, Andrew Ladd, and so on.

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    I like collecting baseball rookie cards.

    Any team, any era, any card. I prefer a card to have decent value ($5 or more) before I place it into my collection box. I just recently got back into collection, but my collection features over 130 rookies.

    So far the majority of my cards are 80's or newer, but I'd love to add some older cards as well.

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