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    I collect a few things: Boise State football cards (anything of anyone in their Boise State uniform), Matt Ware football cards (2004 RC), and soon, Justin Cobbs basketball cards (current Cal PG). I am also a vintage set builder, on a budget, currently working on a 1933 Delong PSA 1 set, a raw 1951 Bowman baseball set, and, soon, a raw 1950 Bowman football set. I also have just recently started a T-206 back run, and that is going to be one heck of an expensive project, so it will come along very slowly. Even in PSA 1 condition, many run over $1K.
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    For a while I have kind of just collecting everything from football, hockey, basketball, and baseball. However, now I want to try focusing my collection more. I live in the Chicago area and love my hometown teams, so I am trying to focus more and Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, and White Sox cards.

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    I pretty much PC nice cards I pull from my various wax breaks. Right now I am focusing on elite basketball, but with baseball starting I might go back to busting some bowman jumbo from last year since that was good to me and some of the prospects have made it to the big leagues.

    If I have a main PC it would have to be golf cards since that is what I like busting the most when I have the money to get a box of something. Asian/Korean golfers are my preference since that is my background.

    I also have the Golf Channel here at home and it is always enjoyable watching players I have autos of play to see how they are doing since golf is one of those sports that when someone gets hot, the cards can take major spikes in value.

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