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    Some 12-13 Artifacts with a nice dual Patch

    Grabbed a box of 12-13 Artifacts at the LCS last nite, turned out to be a pretty solid break! All are FT/FS except the Sapphires I'm doing the set:

    Lewis Auto (I may already have 7 of these lol)

    Miller & Seguin Sapphires

    Luongo & Malkin /125 Dual jerseys

    And a pretty piece:

    Daniel and Henrik Sedin Patches /36

    Thanks for the look!

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    Decent looking box. Too bad about the Auto but your game used cards were all decent players.
    Hidden Content Collecting: Claude Giroux, Rick Nash, Eric Staal, Rookies and Auto's

    Bucket: Hidden Content

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    Interested in the Sedin dual, check my bucket and let me know if anything to trade?

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