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    My first ever mail day reveal! (1/1X2 and PC)

    Hello fine folks of sportscardforum! Today, I am proud to show off my first big ticket mail day. Ive been doing a few breaks with CNC, and have got mega lucky. The last one came in today. Im going to save you the little pip squeaks, and just go to the top three. Here we gooooooo.


    Two 1/1 in a week. Not too shabby. Here the one I am most proud of. Only two colors, but a giant stitch, and its noticably Oil drop. Awesome.

    There ya are. Any insight into possible value on the 1/1s would be great.

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    wow, for your first mail day thats a huge haul! nice cards
    Please check my inventory before my photobucket!!! It's more up to date!!!
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    Top Want: 2012 Leaf Metal Anna Nordqvist Award Winners Prism Gold 1/1

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    Another of our members having crazy good luck with Panini Prime in a group break! Sweet Brendan Smith Prime Colors patch!
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    Sweet cards
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    Some nice stuff for sure!!
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    Thanks guys, it feels go to show off the goods. 1/1s on the bay! Cheers.

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    Some seriously awesome cards! Congrats.

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    quite a great first S&T!
    1- P.K Subban - Vlad Guerrero (Expos)
    2- Montreal Canadiens Centennial auto'd (current count: 125)
    3- Brian Gionta 10-11 Panini Certified Mirror Emerald, Black and Big men jersey auto
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