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    FS Rice gu, Campbell/Moon dual gu, Namath/Riggins dual gu

    I need to get some money for a couple bills that are due soon so I'm going to try and sell some of my pc cards. I hate to let these go but hey the water, heat and lights need to stay on more than I need these cards. I'll list the cards and what I'm asking by paypal. If my prices are high, feel free to post your best offer.

    2001 SP Game Used Edition Jerry Rice jersey GIFT $10 - REGULAR $12

    2005 Leaf Limited Team Threads Earl Campbell/Warren Moon dual jersey 75/75 (has small ding on edge above Campbell) GIFT $18 - REGULAR $20

    2005 Leaf Limited Bound by Round Joe Namath/John Riggins (prime) dual jersey 22/25 GIFT $40 - REGULAR $42
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