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    Dont you just hate scums like this one?

    Read the description of the item and be the judged.
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    Amazing how he has 6 pics of the front of the card but none of the back of the card. Not to mention that is the worst fake Kobe Auto i've ever seen. Serial number missing, give me a break, your right that guy is a scum bag.

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    It MUST be a 1 of 1 because he signed it with his left hand...

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    I reported it on ebay. This same seller has a fake lebron currently for sale too.
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    Why are there bidders......
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    Sad thing is it will probably sell....
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    Yeah - that is a pretty bad auto . . . .
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    Both reported
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    That does not even look like a real Kobe Auto only an idiot would buy that

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    COuldnt someone mistake it for a quick in person auto...if the person claims to have attained pre-game...
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