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Thread: Wwf foam fingers/hands

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    Wwf foam fingers/hands

    I never post in here but I was doing some spring cleaning and came across these in the basement. Anyone have any idea of their worth? I probably bought them around 10 years ago at a live event, but I dont follow wrestling anymore. I was going to throw them on craigslist but was wondering what a fair offer was. I would put them on here but I dont know how the heck I would ship them. They are all in good shape. Thanks for anyones help.


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    Very cool find, I'd be interested in these. They value basically is what the buyer wants to pay. I've had many of these over the years and when I've traded or sold them they arent really hard to ship, just gotta find a decent box to put them in. Though I havent moved one in years and with the post office changing there fees Im not really sure what it would cost.

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    Really interested in the Rock one... can you get back to me!

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    I never heard back from you about the Hardy Boyz. Is it still available ?

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    bumping this up. The Rock hand is gone. PM coming CharismaticEnigma

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