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    Question What is your oldest game used card?

    What is the oldest game used card that you have? Both in terms of the oldest game used card and game used card of the earliest vintage player?

    (If it isn't clear 1996/1997 should be the earliest game used card you can have for the year but they have made cards of players from the 1920s and earlier so that would be the earliest vintage player)
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    Mine is this one:

    1999-00 Upper Deck Retro Memento #RM5 Ken Dryden The story behinf this card is that Ken Dryden never authorised this card and that he asked UD to recall the product to have them removed. I have no idea how true it is but still the only memorabilia card ever made from a NHLPA license card. 60 other were made by ITG and is siter company Famous Fabric and Sportsking.

    According to SCF Card database was the first ever game used set from the modern era.

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    00-01 BAP Memorabilia Georges Vezina - T.Barrasso - is my oldest memorabilia card of my current PC-players

    I may have older memorabilia card with my former PC-players, espeically with Cujo, I got a 98-99 SPx Winning Materials which was
    crazy valuable at early 00's but declined quickly to almost nothing, but I don't take photo of my older PC-cards.


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    I pulled this Doug Harvey / Tim Horton in December. Horton's piece could be from the 50s or 60s but Harvey only played for the Habs from the 40s to 60/61 so it is probably from sometime in the 50s.

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    Oldest production wise would be a 98-99 UD Chris Osgood jersey.
    Oldest as far as the memorabilia piece is a BAP/ITG Ultimate Nicknames Georges Vezina stick.

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    As for oldest game used piece,probably on of these:

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    I have the entire 96/97 Game Jersey set, but nothing really "retro". Here is the set!

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    My oldest GU is from 2001-02, and is actually the only GU ever produced of the player:
    2001-02 Upper Deck Vintage Sweaters of Honor #SHML Michel Larocque

    The oldest fabric I have is this one:
    2005-06 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Passing the Torch Jerseys #8 Doug Harvey/ Serge Savard/ Larry Robinson
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    svbetts has them all, but I have the one that really only matters to me from that particular first ever produced game used set:

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    My oldest GU card is probably this Fedorov Glove:

    The oldest GU memorabilia I have is by far this Clancy Glove (played from 1921-1937):

    Ironically my oldest GU cards are both gloves.
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