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    6 Packs Panini Elite break and some unintentional Bucks pickups

    Card shop had no full boxes left but I grabbed the last six packs they had. Also picked up the Moncrief /25 and Monta Ellis 1/5 for some trade bait probably.

    In the Elite I got:

    Vucevic auto
    James Harden Elite series 19/24
    Raymond Felton Aspirations die cut 24/98

    The Otto Moore was an ebay purchase for a set I'm working on...

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    Nice Vooch auto. Good stuff from 6 packs.

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    Yeah really only the three cards were from the 6 packs but it wasn't too bad. Vucevic has been real strong lately he just has no hobby love. Threw the Harden on ebay because I haven't seen one numbered that low yet.

    PM sent about the Ellis.

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    Yeah its out of 25 too. The only ones I've seen on ebay were out of 75 I think.

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    yea but what im sayin man is that moncrief was the shiznit back in the day....

    too bad idiot companies dont make the value of guys like that better.

    instead its all mj this bla bla bla jockriding b.s.

    bird/magic cards should be worth just as much to me

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