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    Question about this 12-13 Limited Board Members Roenick.....SP??????

    Just busted a box of this years Limited and think I did pretty well, no redemption and not a bad player selection. Ended up pulling this Roenick Board Members parallel, thought that the entire set was /25.................

    Wanted to do some research on ebay to see what the card was worth and found this link: c30e74773

    Why is this card a /199 and mine is a /25???? Here is a scan of my card that I pulled:

    Trying to figure this thing out....guess it is just a lower numbered parallel of a parallel and probably just answered my own thread....

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for looking hockey friends!!!!

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    Your card probably has a hole in it where the glass is shattered, right? The /199s don't have it that.

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    It's the die-cut version. The crack on the glass is cut out on the /25, but not /199.
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    Why yes it does. Thanks for pointing that out to me guys, missed that one. At least they did something a little different, instead of just changing the background color and a print run. Probably will end up selling it on ebay.

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