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    2012-2013 SPGU Authentic Fabrics Six Anaheim/LA Kings #3/6 Awesome Card!!!!!

    Hi guys,I went to my LCS this afternoon to pick up the new Beckett and saw a brand new box of 12/13 spgu.One client bought 4 packs and he pulled a rookie card and stopped.There were only 2 packs left and I have always remembered never leave the last few packs in a box there could be a gem in them so I bought the last 2 packs and got this monster hit!
    The card is in nearmint to mint condition,the only thing I can see is in the patch window of carter just slightly to the top right and only in direct light and at an angle there seems to be a less than 1/2 cm stress mark but you really need to focus in to even notice its there just wanted to be precise but the card is a solid nearmint-mint!
    Its for trade so anyone interested let me know here or via PM!


    12/13 SPGU Authentic Fabrics Six Anaheim/LA Kings #3/6 NPDTS (UD AUTHENTICATION #UDC115358)

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    Smart move buying those last two packs. That would be considered a great hit if you broke a whole case!
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