First part of my mail post...these have come in over the last couple of weeks, all are PC.

First, a card from one of my all-time favorite sets, contemplating doing the entire actually, would be pretty darn sweet.

Next, an autograph of a legend that you don't see too often. If there is one word that comes to mind when I think of this man, I think of the word winner.

Next up, some Sauve additions:

A sweet Kane /10 to go with my Emerald /5 version...wouldn't mind picking up the other versions too! 10-11 Dominion has one of the best base set designs ever in my opinion. LOVE it.

And a nice Malkin for the PC, meaning my other Malkin auto (Dominion All Decade Team AU JSY /49) is available for sale.

Part 2 coming up, please check it out!!! It is one card, but it is a BEAUTY and deserves its own thread, featuring a little bleu, blanc, et rouge!