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Thread: Star Trek Autographed Items FS

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    Star Trek Autographed Items FS

    Hi all, I have a ton of Star Trek and general sci-fi autographed items from when I used to go to conventions. I had them all signed in person (most come with COAs from the convention company as well) and they range from 8x10s to a huge convention banner signed by 50+ stars and everything in between. Just trying to gage if anyone has any interest for these here before they all go to ebay. If anyone is interested please post here and I'll put together a list of items. I'm looking for quite a bit for the convention banner but it is definitly one of the nicest pieces in the lot, I'd keep it but its just too big for my house (something like 9-10 ft tall).

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    id be interested in a list of 8x10s from the original series and TNG

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    No prob, I'll get that for you either tonight or tmrow.

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    I may also be interested in any 8x10 signed star trek photos - all series.

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    I would be interested in a list from the original and Next Generation

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    Sorry its taking so long guys, been busy with work but I'll get to it I promise.

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    So I'm not sure where my TNG binder is right now but I'll find it. Only have a few original series photos left

    George Takei
    Walter Koenig
    Nichelle Nicholls

    I also have a really cool psa/dna authenticated George Takei signed aftra contract.
    However I do have a convention program signed by the entire original series cast (aside from De-Forest Kelley) and 10-15 guest stars. Its a really nice piece.

    I have at least one 8x10 from every Voyager and DS9 cast member (also have a few really cool signed Deep Space Nine mini banners)

    Another great piece I have is a convention program picturing all 4 (excluding Archer) captains and signed by each of them. Its one of the nicest looking pieces I have actually, the signatures are really great looking, signed in silver and gold sharpie.

    I also have a variety of other convention programs signed by stars from all series. And of course the huge banners I mentioned above. Also a few random things, a Nichelle Nichols signed comic book, A Robert Mcniel signed Tom Paris action figure etc...

    Also have a bunch of signed Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel items if anyone is interested in those. Lmk guys! Also willing to trade for baseball (wants in my sig but willing to look at lists).

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    The convention programs are probably going to ebay soon but I wanted to give you guys first shot.

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    may be interested in the Buffy/Angel stuff as well

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    Pming you in a sec braves. (star trek list is up a couple posts)

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