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    Anyone Interested In A Chris Heisey (Cincinnati Reds) Autograph With Me ?

    In April there is going to be an autograph signing with Chris Heisey down in Cincinnati. Tickets are $25 but with one ticket you can get two items signed. I would like to get a ball signed by him and I was wondering if anyone else would like something signed by him. You would send me the item or I can pick soemthing up for actual cost and then you would pay $12.50 (half of the autograph fee) and then actual return shipping. Im not making a dime. Let me know if anyone is interested in doing this with me. The signing is April 2nd so we kind of have to do it quick if your sending me something to get signed.

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    Looks like I'm getting two balls signed for myself, lol.

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    Last bump I promise

    Nobody want to go half's with me ?

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