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    Looking for the Following Pens RC's.. Dupuis, Englland, Kunitz, Cooke, Vokoun, and.

    I am looking for the following Pens RC's : Dupuis, Englland, Kunitz, Cooke, Vokoun, and of course the obvious ones.. Malkin, Crosby, Fleury, Neal, Sutter, Despres, Morrow, etc.. If they are on the Pens roster, I need some RC's. If I am trading to Canada, it must be for multiple cards, as shipping is just ridiculous. Check the bucket and make some offers.. Thanks, Tom

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    I have a ton of Neal rookies. What looking for

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    Looking for any and all

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    I have a titanium MAF rc /99 that I have been trying to trade. Do you have any higher end rc? Only wanting to do a 1 for 1 or possibly 2 for 1 depending on the players.

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    just what is in my bucket

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    I am interested in:
    -Craig Smith Limited Phenoms Manufactured Patch
    -Craig Smith SPx Rookie Materials Jersey

    I have a few Crosby and Fluery Rookies in my bucket. Please LMK if you are interested!!


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    I am interested in them..LMK

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    Add Iginla, Morrow, Murray and Jokinen to my wants..

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