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Thread: SP Authentic Football F/S!

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    SP Authentic Football F/S!

    SPA FOOTBALL Photos by chakhae1 | Photobucket

    Mostly from last year, but have a trent richardson shadowbox in there as well. Thanks!

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    Please shoot me a PM on the price for the Rudolph gu/au/99

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    would like to sell more if possible since that's only a $5 card at most and shipping barely covers that. thanks.

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    Ok, what if we add
    Jahvid Best Topps Suprdme dual gu/au
    Von Miller Topps Inception patch/au

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    Prices on all the 2011 rookie auto patches please. PM would be best.

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    price for
    kaepernick finest
    rudolph sp auto
    quarless rc spa
    vincent brown finest patch auto
    quarless certified rc
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    looking for rams!

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    PM Price on
    Kyle Rudolph SP Threads
    N Bowman SP AU
    D Nelson AU
    Enderle AU
    N Soldier AU
    M Williams SP Patch AU


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