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    It's easy to underestimate OWK (a.k.a. old Ben) as "kind of a strange old hermit." This guy has a sixth sense: he can sense unseen things, kind of as if he was invisibly connected to an 'energy field' that permeates every living thing.

    I wish the Rangers would pick him up. They definitely need him. "Use the Force, Gabby!"

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    Personally I like picking up Patrick Elias every now and then. Whoever he plays with seems to get better and he still leads the team in points or is right at the top. Kovy and Marty get the headlines (and they deserve it), but I wish Patty got a little more love!

    I would also throw in David Clarkson - although the 30 goals and hot start this year have a buzz about him- but still can pick up his auto for $2-$3 each - I must admit I would like him more if he didn't fall down about 5 times a game!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Arturs Irbe: Never a superstar, always overlooked as too small, too European, too old-school, too philosophical. Fact is he had the makings of a superstar player in him but he ws always saddled with disastrous teams such as the original Sharks...ouch. If he would have been in Chris Osgood's place, for example, Irbe would be remembered as a similar calibre goalie, someone who could win Cups, not great in the regular season, but not terrible either. I definitely saw Irbe as someone who could have reached the 300+ win plateau if played on the right teams. Highly underrated in my honest opinion and gets too much hate from hardcore goalie collectors.

    Levente Szuper: Almost played in the NHL. Fun to collect due to shared national heritage and due to the affordability of his cards and memorabilia. Also a great, social guy who was unfairly benched for nine straight games with the Calgary Flames back in 2002-03. How much would a minute of his play hurt the team?
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    Dennis Hull, Wilf Paiement, Dino Ciccarelli, Roger Crozier.

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