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    Question What is your oldest football game used card?

    What is the oldest football game used card that you have? Both in terms of the oldest game used card and game used card of the earliest vintage player?

    (If it isn't clear 1996/1997 should be the earliest game used card you can have for the year but they have made cards of players from the 1920s and earlier so that would be the earliest vintage player)
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    This is my oldest GU card in terms of year produced (2001):

    This is my oldest GU card in terms of subject and relic. Knute Rockne was active as a coach (Assistant and Head Coach) at Notre Dame from 1914-1930.
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    The oldest GU I have is a 97 CE Masters Playoff Game Ball of Jerome Bettis and Marshall Faulk

    The GU card that I have of an older/vintage player is an 07 LCM FotG Dual /75 with jersey pieces from Sammy Baugh and Jim Thorpe. Baugh played 1937-1952. Thorpe played 1920-1928.

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    Year produced - 2001

    Oldest player - 1955-1967


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    National treasures 1/1 Knute Rockne Tag Patch "Sports"

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    2000 pacific omega Dan Marino,oldest player a couple of y.a tittle's.
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    Dont get no older than this (card-wise)....

    I use to own a Mel Hein Patch card (early lineman) but I moved it for a rare Marino insert.
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    Oldest in terms of year produced would be this:

    Kevine Greene Collector's Edge Game Used Helmet (face mask maybe?) Autograph Card From 1997
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    These are my oldest by year


    Oldest by player

    And with the stupid new photobucket, I don't know if this will show or not?

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