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    Demarcus Cousins National Treasures RAP 25/99 for trade/sale!

    Hello I am looking to do a card/paypal deal with this card or if I could get a nice Jordan Autograph for it I would be happy with that. This card is in great condition and by looking at it with the naked eye I would guess it would get a BGS 9.5. I will look through buckets and I will get back to everybody that posts or PMs. I am also interested in nice Peyton Manning autographs. Unless it is a rookie autograph though I am just looking for Patch autographs of him that are low numbered. I also have plenty of paypal to add if you have something that I am really interested in. Thanks

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    Nobody interested in this card? Still up for trade/sale just lmk. Thanks

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    Pcmb or please PM price for selling? Thanks

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    I will take a price if you considering selling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bpurnama32 View Post
    Pcmb or please PM price for selling? Thanks
    PM has been sent. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by manunited6767 View Post
    cmb please
    Sorry didn't see anything I could use. Thanks for the look though.

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