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    Hockey puck hits the post, splits in two pieces

    They just don't make Swiss hockey pucks like they used to. In case you somehow missed the Swiss National League A playoff game between Fribourg-Gottéron and EHC Biel, a shot by Cedric Botter smashed the post and split the puck into two pieces. Half of the puck settled in the back of the net, but the EHC Biel goalie Reto Berra actually made a save on the other half.

    Botter celebrated as if he had scored a perfectly normal goal.
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    I really like the fact that Berra saved the other half! Haha. Haven't seen a puck split into two pieces before.


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    wow love how they speak french but still call's the puck a puck.. it's called a "rondelle" in french
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    Half went in, they should have won 6.5-1

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    I've never seen this happen in a game before. It happens from time to time on outdoor rinks due to the sheer cold, but that could just be because I'm paying $0.99 a puck! Every time it happens to me, I feel like I just let off a 100mph shot, even though I'd be lucky if it surpassed 50mph.

    It would have been silly if they had counted that. After all, the puck does have to completely cross the line, and half of it was saved!

    Here's a shot from earlier this year:

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    All NHL Pucks for about 50 years were made in Czechoslovakia. I've never seen a Swiss puck before.

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