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    Cool QUICK SALE THREAD ~ priced to move!!! need paypal ASAP!!!

    I have to raise some paypal asap and I have these cards up for sale priced to move quick !!! After these cards are sold I will replace them with a new quick sale offers and keep doing so until I reach my goal for the paypal I need, thanks for the look and lets get these deals going !!! Shipping cost will be $2.00 for the first cards and $0.50 for each additional card purchased... I will sell one or all of these so just lmk what cards you are intersted in and we can get the deals rolling !!! single card purchases made via PWE is ok as lond as both parties agree its alright with both parties...adding cards as the day and night goes on so keep checking back !!!


    2007 Contenders Garrett Wolfe RC auto #152 $1.00

    2008 Press Pass Darrell Robertson RC ON CARD auto #PPS-DR2 $2.00

    2010 Epix 'Rookie Campaign Materials PRIME Signatures' Mardy Gilyard GU 2 color patch auto #5 Ser.# 07/25 !!! (2 color patch~blue jsy/gold patch with stitching) $8.00

    2010 Gridiron Gear 'Rookie Gridiron Gems' Montario Hardesty RC auto #269 Ser.# 067/184 (brown mesh jersey with silver sharpie auto) $6.00

    2010 Gridiron Gear 'Rookie Gridiron Gems' Taylor Price RC auto #279 Ser.# 022/184 (blue mesh jersey with silver sharpie auto) $5.00

    2011 Contenders Johnny White RC auto #143 $2.00

    2011 Gridiron Gear 'Rookie Gridiron Gems Jersey Auto' Greg Little RC pull-out jersey auto #23 Ser.# 086/300 (silver sharpie auto on white mesh pull-out jersey) $5.00

    2006 Bowman Sterling 'Refractor' Jamal Lewis GU jersey #BS-JL Ser.# 153/199 (white jsy) $1.00

    2008 Gridiron Gear 'Rookie Gridiron Gems Jersey PRIME' Donnie Avery RC GU 3 color patch #209 Ser.# 02/50 !!! (3 color patch~blue mesh/white patch w/ lots of stiching/gold patch) $8.00

    2011 Absolute 'Star Gazing Materials SPECTRUM PRIME' Austin Pettis RC GU 3 color patch #11 Ser.# 14/15 !!! (3 color patch~gold patch/white stripe with stiches/slight blue edge patch) $13.00

    2012 Inception 'Rookie Relic Patches' LaMichael James RC GU 2 color patch #RP-LJ Ser.# 090/210 (2 color patch~white patch/red mesh jsy) $10.00

    2012 National Treasures 'Gameday Souvenirs' Ray Rice GU jsy #14 Ser.# 107/250 (purple jsy) $3.00

    2010 Epix C.J. Spiller RC auto #201 Ser.# 108/210 $18.00

    2011 Prestige 'NFL Draft Autograph Patch Equepment Logo' Torrey Smith RC NFL equipment patch auto #39 $22.00

    2000 Fleer GOTG 'Cowboy Clippings' Troy Aikman #1CCL 2 color patch (2 color patch~silver jsy stripe/blue mesh) $23.00

    2000 Fleer GOTG 'Cowboy Clippings' Tony Dorsett #2CCL 2 color patch (2 color patch~blue mesh/white jsy) $23.00

    2000 Fleer GOTG 'Cowboy Clippings' Michael Irvin #3CCL 3 color patch (3 color patch~silver jsy/blue stripe/white jsy) $23.00

    2000 Fleer GOTG 'Cowboy Clippings' Bob Lilly #6CCL slight 2 color patch (slight 2 color patch~slight blue just at tip of star/white jsy) $14.00

    2000 Fleer GOTG 'Cowboy Clippings' Jay Novacek #8CCL 2 color patch (2 color patch~white jsy/blue jsy) $23.00
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    some cards added, lets make a deal !!! will ship first thing in the morning !!!

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    will you do the Rice and the Lilly for $15 delivered?
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    Just re-read the post sorry...Would you do $15 for Rice and Lily delivered? Thanks

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    krunchtyme - hit me up when you get back online!

    adding more cards now!!!

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