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    2002 Contenders James Mungro RC Auto Super Short Print

    2002 Contenders James Mungro RC Auto Super Short Print

    That title says it all. This card does not exist. I challenge you to prove the existence of this card. Sure. You could produce an aged, yellowed page 2002 Beckett Magazine. Hahahahah. Even if scientist can date the paper on which the magazine pages exist, how many actually exist? Where they ever really made? hmmm. They simply do not exist. Find it. Prove your worth. I double dare ya.
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    4 minutes. It took 4 minutes. 2 minutes from when it was last edited. OP, how long have you been looking for this card?

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    Been looking for it for 3 years. But I need to set the automatic alerts on EBAY for the next one.
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    Well that was a good laugh! Hope you can track one down now! You've spotted your white whale, get the harpoons ready!

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    Did somebody forget to search eBay before issuing a challenge? LOL

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    It's ok. Happens to even the best of us!

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    Ohh I like this idea we should start a thread
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