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    Taking 50/50 for AL teams and Red Sox

    Willing to take 50/50 for any AL player or Red Sox. Please keep in mind that I may not be able to get everyone. The only requirement is that you must 50/50 another player or minor leaguer for me in return. For example, if you want to 50/50 Dustin Ackley, you would only send a card for you and I would send you a card for Dylan Bundy someone you can get for me. Here are the rules:
    1) All 50/50 must be posted in Trade Manager
    2) I will only do ONE or TWO 50/50 for each player depending on player
    3) You may only send up to 2 items for one single player
    4) I can't guarantee that all your items will be
    signed so if they are unsigned at the end of
    the season, they will be return
    5) If you want to 50/50 any team besides that
    Sox, it might take a whole season to get that
    player so please be patient, this is a rolling 50/50
    6) If you get someone that I need and I didn't get your player or vice versa, the items will be returned so any signed/unsigned items will be returned regardless if the other person was able to fulfill their part.
    7) The player that you can get for me doesn't have to be baseball, it can be football or basketball.
    8) As of right now, I am only accepting 2 offers from each member to be fair to all.
    9) All 50/50's must include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope).
    10) I reserve the right to deny any player requests or reject any offers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boozler79 View Post
    PM sent

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    PM sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLNoble13 View Post
    PM sent
    Haven't received any PMs form you.

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    Pm sent!
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    Pm sent
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    All PMs replied. Thanks for all the interest guys! I did this last year on and startiger and got about 30 requests. I was able to fulfill 25 out of the 30. Part of the reason was that some guys were unrealistic and requested Jeter which might not ever happen. I have had great successes and a lot fun doing this so I am looking forward to helping you guys out and you guys helping me out. Like I said, I will stop this 50/50 at 20 players for right now and then open it again mid season because I see a couple teams very earlier so I can complete some request pretty fast.
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