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Thread: Montreal Canadiens Young Guns

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    Montreal Canadiens Young Guns

    We'll this week I have a new idea in mind....I am gonna do a set of the Montreal Canadiens, I am looking for Habs young gun rookie cards from 07-08 to present.

    Here's the list...


    -Carey Price (already have one but another for the set)

    -Kyle Chipchura (INCOMING)


    -David Desharnais


    -Alexei Emelin


    -Gabriel Dumont
    -Robert Mayer (Again, I already have one but want one for the set)

    If anyone has any of these YG's please send me a PM or comment.

    Thank you.
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    have these Canadien YGs:
    220 Yannick Weber BV410
    471 Tom Pyatt BV$8
    473 Ryan White BV$10
    220 Raphael Diaz BV$10
    for this from your traders:
    10-11 Donruss Matt Duchene aut card #'d/25 BV$25
    trade bv would be in your favor by $13, lmk, thanks

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    Have a few incoming, Anyone got other ones that are not in green?

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    Got some nice ones coming in, Thanks to everyone who has helped me out so far!

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    Lots incoming, Almost done this set! Help to finish the rest!

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    I have the emelin lmk if you still need it Thanks
    Super collecting Sean couturier!!
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    - i have the chipchura YG = 10 bv
    - palushai = 8 bv
    - mayer = 10 bv
    i can add a sp game use jersey for that
    i want your debut threads bobrovsky
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    Got 2 in the mail today...Halak and D'agostini....Also removed them from the list what ever is left in black PM me if you have them

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    Got some in the mail the past few days...If you dont see the ones on the list that means I have them...Thanks

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