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    I got to start somewhere... Bring me your Saints!

    I have to start somewhere in collecting. I purchased a few retail packs at Target to find out that's a bad idea. So as I wait for the boxes I just ordered now (Crown Royale, Contenders, Sweet Spot... lots of cash there!) I am working on a singles PC collection!

    Bring me your Saints cards. Mainly AU and GU for now. Might entertain some Chrome RC's as well. Do not go outrageous on pricing since I am just starting collecting. I figure three boxes of cards will get my son and I a good start!

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    brees GU super bowl
    graham AU bowman sterling
    brees GU donruss elite
    bush GU playoff
    prices please

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    Have these available and can make them very affordable to get you started off inexpensively, PLMK if interested in anything !!! I only have the one Saints card below (Drew Brees) but I have some cool patches and autos that might be good tradebait or just cool for you and your kids to get started with PLMK if interested in anything!!!

    Saints & Chrome cards (can scan it if interested) :
    2012 Contenders 'Legendary Champions' Drew Brees #3 $1.00 dlvd
    2012 Topps Chrome 'Camo Refractor' Miles Austin #14 Ser.# 338/499 $4
    2012 Topps Chrome 'Xfractor' DeMarco Murray #21 $2
    2012 Topps Chrome 'Orange Refractor' Dez Bryant #35 $2

    here are some cool GU/Autos if interested, prices are next to card description, if you get more than one I will give you an even better deal to get you started

    2000 Fleer GOTG 'Cowboy Clippings' Bob Lilly #6CCL slight 2 color patch (slight 2 color patch~slight blue just at tip of star/white jsy) $14

    2010 Epix C.J. Spiller RC auto #201 Ser.# 108/210 $16

    2007 Contenders Garrett Wolfe RC auto #152 $2.00

    2008 Press Pass Darrell Robertson RC ON CARD auto #PPS - DR2 $2

    2010 Gridiron Gear 'Rookie Gridiron Gems' Montario Hardesty RC auto #269 Ser.# 067/184 (brown mesh jersey with silver sharpie auto) $6.00

    2012 National Treasures 'Gameday Souvenirs' Ray Rice GU jsy #14 Ser.# 107/250 (purple jsy) $3 dlvd

    2008 Gridiron Gear 'Rookie Gridiron Gems Jersey PRIME' Donnie Avery RC GU 3 color patch #209 Ser.# 02/50 !!! (3 color patch~blue mesh/white patch w/ lots of stiching/gold patch) 8.00 dlvd

    2011 Absolute 'Star Gazing Materials SPECTRUM PRIME' Austin Pettis RC GU 3 color patch #11 Ser.# 14/15 !!! (3 color patch~gold patch/white stripe with stiches/slight blue edge patch) $14 dlvd

    2012 Inception 'Rookie Relic Patches' LaMichael James RC GU 2 color patch #RP-LJ Ser.# 090/210 (2 color patch~white patch/red mesh jsy) $10 dlvd
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1996BravesFan View Post
    brees GU super bowl
    graham AU bowman sterling
    brees GU donruss elite
    bush GU playoff
    prices please
    I sent you a pm with prices.
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    actually looked at these in another post. I did not see anything that caught my eye. Thanks for thinking of me though.

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    Take a look at this album if you'd like. Most of these are $4 or under.

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    hey welcome to the world of collecting 96 Braves! I have a reggie bush 3 clr patch and a robert meachem quad jsy rc auto i could do them both together for $4 plus $1 shipping. if you want to see scans just shoot me a PM. Thanks


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    have these if interested:

    bush, reggie 2006 exquisite maximum jersey silver #xxl-bu 03/75 saints
    ingram, mark 2011 panini gold standard rc auto #260 210/319 saints
    ingram, mark 2011 topps chrome rc #50 saints
    jordan, cameron 2011 donruss elite turn of the century autographs #117 077/499 saints
    jordan, cameron 2011 topps chrome rc #39 saints
    meachem, robert 2007 upper deck inkredible #ink-rm saints
    thomas, pierre 2012 certified mirror red materials #96 30/95 saints
    toon, nick 2012 rookies and stars rookie crusade materials prime pruple #19 06/10 saints
    toon, nick 2012 rookies and stars longevity dress for success jerseys #23 saints
    toon, nick 2012 topps chrome rc #193 saints

    brees, drew / schaub, matt 2011 prestige league leaders materials #2 040/200 saints/texans

    plmk, thanks.

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    I've got a few Saints cards in my bucket. Give it a look and shoot me a PM if interested.


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