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    Big stack of base autos sold, including Geno Smith, Andre Ellington, Quinton Patton nd E.J. Manuel. Some duplicates now down to 1 card left.

    Anyone else need today? Let's make a deal!

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    How much for the Eifert and Wood base autos?

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    Thursday update - a few more gone, Tyler Eifert, the other Cierre Wood, and the other Sharrif Floyd. Anyone else today?

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    Some more sold - David Amerson /10 from Valiant, Tyler Eifert /50 All American from Metal, and Joseph Randle /99 from Metal.

    Any more today on Good Friday?

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    Tuesday night update with several high enders gone:

    Kenjon Barner 1/1 printing plate
    Kenjon Barner /25 State Pride
    Tavon Austin /25 State Pride
    Ray Graham State Pride
    Le'Veon Bell 1/99

    Also one comes back to the pack as a result of a non-payment, Eddie Lacy 30/50 All American available again.

    Still some left, who needs today?

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    Eddie Lacy All American /50 sold.

    Jarvis Jones, Dee Milliner, and Honey Badger top the list of what remains.

    Who else needs today?

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    Tuesday update with a bunch more sold - Dee Milliner printing plate 1/1, Jarvis All American /50, Cierre Wood /99, Kawaan Short /99, Eric Reid /99, Stepfan Taylor /99, Sharrif Floyd base, both Alex Okafor base.

    I've bolded what's left, pm me if you need, let's make a deal!

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