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Thread: Anyone need any of these?

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    Anyone need any of these?

    Please send me a site or offer. Always looking for Ryne Sandberg stuff or good autos.

    05 Gridiron Gear Matt Jones Jumbo Jersey #25/75
    1999 SPX Donovan McNabb autograph rc #/1999
    04 UD Finite HG Johnn Unitas/Len Dawson dual jerseys SP
    04 Ultimate Collection Joe Montana jersey #156/175
    04 Ultimate Collection Joe Montana/Tom Brady dual jerseys #26/99
    2000 Fleer Randy Moss Autographics
    2005 Topps Heritage Ronnie Brown autograph

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    Like the Brown and possibly the Mcnabb- do you have scans?

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    I know someone who could be interested in the mcnabb also...

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    like the unitas/dawson if i have anything youd like
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    i also like the unitas/dawson if palantri doesn't get it.
    my tradelist is here:
    lmk thanks necron 9d9

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    dukeboy:don't have a scanner but they both look real nice.

    palantri:wjo are the players on your Rangers, Cubs and Braves 6 piece game used?

    necron:whats the BV on your Julius Jones auto?

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    Im interested in all except the matt jones-plmk


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