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Thread: Buying cards for $18!!

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    Buying cards for $18!!

    Just spent $14, so now down to $4. Which is pointless unless someone wants to trade. THX for the offers. Willing to trade if you look in my lot here.********

    Also could do a cash plus card for card or something like that. PM me anything. THX
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    Anything that I can get some decent resale money from.

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    Sorry I dont realy look through buckets. Just spent $5. Now down to $13.

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    anything in my thread you can use for the 13 (would have to be something sent via PWE or large intl envelope to keep the shipping down):

    pm me if you find anything you like.


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    Check my sales thread have a couple decent one's for around that. Thanks.

    Always looking to trade and sell! Photobucket- Hidden Content /yy

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    Any interest in a Glen Murray BAP Sig Series Fall Expo Auto /5 for the $13?

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    08-09 trilogy three star spotlights toews/nash/thornton for $13 shipped

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