View Poll Results: Will the Heat beat the Lakers all time win streak of 33 wins in a row?

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    Question Will the Heat beat the Lakers all time win streak of 33 wins in a row?

    Will the Heat beat the Lakers all time win streak of 33 wins in a row?
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    Even as good as this team is, all it takes is one sloppy performance to end the streak. Heck, if they play as bad as they did in the first half last night, the streak will end.

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    I would say no. The way the Heat have been playing lately, nearly losing to the Magic, Philly, and Boston, it would be tough to string together 10 more games yet. On the other hand, they only play about 6 more games against teams over .500. The rest are against the bottom league, multiple games against the Cavs, Magic, Bobcats, etc. I guess it's possible but I feel it's unlikely.

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    Their next ten games are @Cavaliers, Pistons, Bobcats, @Magic, @Bulls, @Hornets, @Spurs, Knicks, @Bobcats, 76ers. Six of those games feature opponents with no more than 23 wins currently. Their above .500 opponents include the Bulls, who are only 6 games above, and only 3 games above at home...the Spurs, who are the best in the west, 2nd best in the league, and have only lost 4 times at home...the Knicks, who are one game above .500 on the road (while the Heat have only lost 3 games at home), and the 76ers, who are only 3 games above .500 on the road. Permitting they continue to play well, and don't have any major injuries occur, their only hiccup could be the Spurs. If they beat the Spurs, they get the record against the Milwaukee Bucks, who are currently 34-32.

    Long story short, I think the Spurs stop the streak at 29.

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    Don't forget the Magic have lost twice to the Heat this season by a combined total of 3 points. Teams with a decent frontcourt can match it with them. Or teams with just Nikola Vucevic lol.

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    Spurs will sit all of their starters again and Stern will give them the 250K back.....

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