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    Completed The Cup Emblems of Endorsement 10-11

    Hi everyone - I have not posted some sets in a while - I thought I was due to show one for now. let's see my completed set of Emblems of Endorsement 2010-11

    if you guys see or have an upgrade to any of these, please let me know. Would like to upgrade the Datsyuk if possible! thanks

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    Beautiful set, congrats on completing it! Some real nice patches there!

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    WOW ! Congrats on the set.doesnt look like that one was easy!
    Looking for rare guy lafleur items, and HOF game used nameplates.
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    Lafleur PC
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    As always,thanks for the show. I'd help you with upgrades if I could. Congrats on building the set and hope to see more of your finished collecting projects!

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    That is a beautiful group of cards, congrats on putting it together.

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    Holy smokes! I can hardly believe my eyes. What a crazy set! You did well.

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    Awesome set! Congrats on completing it. These cards are pretty much out of my league, so I cannot help with upgrades, but I'm sure they'll come along.

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    That's a great set! My father is actually collecting the 2005-06 Ultimate Collection Endorsed Emblems /35 set.


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    Just awesome, the Stamkos patches are hands down the best!

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