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    New from Virginia...a big RG3 fan and HUGE Football Enthusiast!!!

    Greetings Everybody!
    I'm a former Art Monk collector and new Robert Griffin III collector from Newport News, Virginia. (If you don't know where that is, it's about 15 minutes from Busch Gardens, near Colonial Williamsburg).
    I've been a member of other websites like this, but not this one specifically. I may have been a member here a while back under the name "Art Monk Fanatics", but I lost my password/login info, so I just decided to start fresh, since I'm not collecting Monk cards anymore anyway.

    So I'm looking forward to meeting sports fans & collecting enthusiasts!
    I'm a high end collector, putting together a collection of Rare RG3 cards for my 3 year old day when he's old enough, I'll give him the collection & talk about how much fun it was to compile & all the great people I met along the way! =)

    Anyway, I'm glad to be here & hope I can bring something to the table w/ my RG3 collection, and my love of Football!
    Looking forward to meeting you all!

    PS-Because I collect RG3 cards, doesn't mean I'm just a Redskin fan...I love ALL talented players & would describe myself as a "Football Enthusiast" rather than just a skins fan. I'm also in AWE of the already legendary Adrian Peterson!!! I grew up a HUGE Barry Sanders/Emmitt Smith fan, and it's nice to see natural raw talent like those guys again!!!
    My earliest memories of collecting football cards, is trying to find that IMPOSSIBLE pull, the 1989 Score Barry Sanders Rookie. And I'll never forget the first time I heard of that "new guy" Emmitt Smith. I said "WHO?? What kind of name is EMMITT?? Sounds like a total NERD!!" LOLOLOL

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    Hello Brian and welcome to SCF. I hope you enjoy your experience here.

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    Welcome to the site and BOL with your collection.


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    Hi Brian
    Welcome to SCF
    Enjoy the site and have fun :)
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    Hey Brian, Welcome to SCF. Thanks for Joining!

    RIP Buddy (2004-2016)

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    Welcome back to SCF. I like to see collectors getting things for their kids. I have a 10 year old daughter and 6 year old son that I got into collecting with me. They love getting new cards in the mail. My daughter opened here first 2 packs a week and a half ago and wouldn't you know she would pull a redemption for an autograph. Good luck with your collection and see you around the football forums.


    If I post in your thread, PM works best.

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    Hello and welcome to SCF!!
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    Welcome to SFC! Hope can trade for some sweet RG3 cards!
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