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    Question from a new football collector

    Hey guys.

    As a Canadian that just got into football I'm finding that 85% of sellers that reside in the us will not ship to Canada. How come?

    Being a hockey collector I know about the $7 buck minimum shipping but what else is it? Being in Canada football wax and singles are almost non existent at shows and the Lcs.

    Leaving places like eBay and here my only options. Most singles on eBay are no go to Canada. Better yet some will ship to Canada but can't figure out how to allow Canadians to bid.



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    The cost of shipping almost doubled and there is way more problems with people losing packages from US to Canada than there are US to US shipping. Maybe if you let the people know beforehand you aren't bother by the shipping cost they will change their mind?
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    It is a bit tougher to protect yourself through paypal when going to Canada. It's been YEARS since I shipped there but if I remember right they didn't offer a cheap delivery confirmation option and signature confirmation was just absolutely absurd. I've shipped a Lego train set 15 years ago there and then about 10 years ago I shipped a large lot of computer equipment. Both times were incredibly lengthy processes and I had issues with tracking both.

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    Create a buying thread of what you are looking for and write in the thread that you know the shipping is very expensive and you are willing to pay it. The only reason many of us don't ship there is the cost. I have shipped to Canada for years without a problem, but I don't now because ofthe big hikes.

    What are you looking for?
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    If I am shipping to Canada i am OK with it as long as the buyer/trader is paying the shipping since the hike. However, what steers me away is the fact that when shipping to Canada is now the customs form isn't enough but the teller as to enter in the computer all the information of the package and the person it's going to as well as the seller information. It literally takes 7-8 minutes to get one package paid.

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    always good to here what my fellow collectors ae going through. Good advice to inform that i am ok paying the larger than normal shipping charges up front. I will put that in my threads.



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    If you are persistent on ebay you can find plenty of our american friends that ship to Canada, but I know what you mean. Here in Toronto there are only a handful of football collectors that I know of and that's about it. If you ever want to trade however feel free to look at my bucket. Everything is organized by box break!

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    From a fellow Canadian trader: I have found that most people, even people with sigs that say "I WILL NOT ship outside the USA" will send to you as long as you ask nicely. I think I've been flatly refused maybe 4-5 times on here and Ebay over the last 3 years. I think maybe 5 of my trades/ratings are within Canada, the rest are all to/from US traders. I have had no problems.

    To US traders Re: Customs the USPS people make you put them on? When I send a single card in a mailer, I just mail it from work with the right postage on it. No problems yet.
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    Finding it harder and harder to get anything shipped to Canada. I have lost out on multiple auctions on eBay. I ask nicely. Inform them I'm ok to pay the shipping costs. I have 700 feedback on eBay, but sadly I can't seem to get anything going.

    Im starting to understand why nobody in Canada collects football. If ur doing a set its nearly impossible as 80% of the auctions on eBay won't ship to you.


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    i dont see why most ebayers wont. i will, just message the seller and tell him you'll pay the extra shipping. why should the seller care where it goes? buy my stuff, i will ship it to you LOL:thumb:

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