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    Quick 15 card ,stars, rookies, serial # sale

    I need some paypal for a group break, all these cards listed here delivered to you for $18. delivered.

    Frank tarkenton Gold Standard golden anniversary relic jersey #11/25
    T Romo Gold Standard 2011 15/25
    T Aikman 2011 GS Legend 22/25
    Robert Housler 2011 gold standard rookie 4/10
    Sam Bradford t plat rookie refractor 351/999
    Brian Cushing prestige rookie 688/999
    Urlacher unrivaled /499
    Stevan Ridley Superlative Rookie t chrome die cut 24/25
    D harris,Sammy Baugh,T Thomas (50th),M Dareus 2011 GS all /299
    F Tarkenton gold standard 2011 290/299
    Schaub gold leaf star 2001 GS 244/299
    Bruce Smith Gold standard 2011 50th ann. 200/299
    Marcel Dareus bowman chrome gold rookie 82/99
    Sonny Jurgenson 08 Limited Team Trademarks 465/999
    Brett Favre 09 UD draft history 24/350

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    How much on just ridley and housldr rooks or is the ridley not a rookie

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    I'll take the lot for 18 dlvd. Please post when you get a chance, Thanks

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    you got it betts, and to answer the ridley question, it IS his rookie. Betts, im posting it up.

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