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    New to SCF - 15 years since last pack opened

    Hello All,

    I am very pleased to be back in the swing of things. I cannot get over how much cards have changed in 15 years. I left off collecting Upper Deck 90-91, 91-92 Hockey and now just got reintroduced to my bosses collection of Auto's, patches, game used pieces of net/sticks. It all seams a little unreal.

    I stumbled upon SCF when I googled card trading. I am looking to finish off my first set of 2012-13 UD Series 1. I have bought a couple retail boxes ($25.00 CDN) 8 packs 5 cards per pack at Walmart. They were fun to open. I also bought a pack of 2012-13 UD Black diamond. I have always been biased towards Upper Deck and am looking at the UD Artifacts as my possible next step.

    Any tips or suggestions towards building these base sets first? Retail or Hobby box?



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    Welcome to SCF and to the hockey boards Richard!!! Yes, it is truly shocking how much things have changed eh? I quit the hobby for a while after 91/92 and came back in 99/00, I was stunned by the jersey cards & the autos and the prices they were going for on this new eBay site. And now it's morphed into something different again, for better or worse, but if you stick to trying to keep it fun you'll be A-OK.

    As for your question, hobby boxes will always give you more cards and probably slightly better cards for your buck. Wal-Mart (or any retail) boxes are cheaper and fun to open but it's kinda like the Wal-Mart McDonalds, you fill up fast for cheap and then a little while later you're kinda queasy. If you're just looking for base cards for Series I, you'll find plenty of people on the SCF boards to trade with or buy from cheap. Heck, I bought a box which turned out to be pretty awful, PM me your want-list and you can HAVE mine if I have them!

    Pleased to meetcha sir :)
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    I have entered my cards from UD 12 Sr1 into my inventory. (By the way this inventory thing is wicked cool). I am working on my want list now. I am thinking about pick up a hobby box tommorow for some weekend enjoyment!

    I am liking the idea of these "group breaks". They seem like a cool idea. Any thoughts?

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    Cool beans man :)

    Group breaks are fun, sometimes you win BIG, not so good for set building tho hahahhaaaaaa...........
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    Sweet man! Glad to see you join our great community. If you have any questions you can private message me or any of the other moderators. Hope you enjoy it here.


    If I post in your thread, PM works best.

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    Looking for 2012 National Treasures on card silver (/99) rated rookie autos, 2006 SP Legendary Cuts inserts/numbered base and most Mets auto/GU.
    Also looking for Celtics Autos/GU and 2012 Totally Certified Gold
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    Hi Richard
    Welcome to SCF, Good luck with your collection
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    Collecting Avalanche Cup Winner(1996 Team Complete) and All Time Nordiques (505/550)
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    Thanks Hudley and Darkshadow!

    What kind of collecting do you do?

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    Richard, welcome back to collecting and to the site. BOL with your collection.

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