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    NFL Power Rankings: 49ers claim No. 1 amid free agency frenzy

    The Dolphins made it rain, Blaine played the blame game and the rest of the NFL can only hope the Seahawks drop five again.....

    Yep, the last few weeks of the pro football news cycle need to be HGH tested. Beyond the Miami Dolphins showering money on Mike Wallace and crew, Blaine Gabbert's reputation among assistant coaches approaching his level of play and the 12th Man jumping up and down over good fortune (Cliff Avril, Percy Harvin and the Seahawks generally not sucking), we've experienced tons of fun in and around the league.
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    Yeah, the West got some huge additions and are going to be a dominant force for years to come. But, I think it's BS that Carolina got put so low. We got Drayton Florence. I mean, that was groundbreaking!!!!

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