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Thread: Who are these fans of panini?

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    Who are these fans of panini?

    Panini over on their blog had a contest to give away 3 of their famous "Black Boxes" they give away at their summit. One part of the contest was simply to reply on their blog with an answer to these 2 questions. 1) what do you like most bout panini and 2) what can panini improve on.

    I replied honestly because I want one of those boxes but I am shocked to see all these people that simply Adore and Love Panini. Maybe it's just me but for me Panini is kinda blowing it.

    Heres the link

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    I have no experience with Panini basketball (although I do have a box of tottaly certified and one of gold standerd coming on monday), actually the only set I do have experience with is National Treasures baseball which I think they did really well with. Yes, its a little irritatting that they can't put team logos etc.. on cards but I really think they made up with that with so many awesome patches/button cards (both of which are not in anyway impossible to pull) and in general just a very well rounded set. Not to mention the fact that I really do think National Treasures is one of (that and Tripple Threads) the best looking (astheticaly) sets of the year. So anyway, as I said, I only have experience with the one set so we'll see what happens when I get those boxes on monday but I do like National Treasures Baseball.

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    So they have to give away free products to get nice suck-up comments. Never ever would I.

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    My guess is that people aren't going to be negative in their opinion of Panini if a prize from Panini is at stake
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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    My guess is that people aren't going to be negative in their opinion of Panini if a prize from Panini is at stake
    Yeaaa buddy, you worded it the best possible way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    My guess is that people aren't going to be negative in their opinion of Panini if a prize from Panini is at stake
    Maybe thats why I didn't win??

    Well here's what I wrote. If anyone is interested

    1) the thing that I like most about Panini is the Prizm Gold Cards that were in the product this year.
    2) One area that i would like to see addressed, in Basketball which is what I mainly collect, is the same overall process that seems to be in every single new product. That is to say they are all basically the same, they have the players, the “legends”, 150 rookies,and recycling of the same on card picture, uninspired inserts and too many GU and Autographs of players that very few collect. While it is understandable that not every box can include a Griffin, Kobe, Durant or any other super star the abundance of lackluster players is quite disheartening. The thing that made other companies so good at what they used to do was their ability to have a killer insert set that made people go “WOW”, Thrill seekers, Jambylia, Ultrabilities etc. Panini is headed in the right direction with the Gold Prizms and the new Slam Dunk Legends insert from Marquee have me wanting more inspiration in future card releases.

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    Your answer was both honest and diplomatic, but yeah, they are probably looking for people who blow sunshine into their...eyes. :)

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    Haha, I always chuckle when I read comments on there page, especially when I see people saying things like "great design" or "beautiful cards", Ive completely boycotted there products in the last two years, theyve really ruined the hobby for me, and its so upsetting, because I was one of the people who couldnt wait for them to get the NBA license, ah well, no bother, I will say that the new select set looks promising, but thats as long as the boxes arent going for more than $80, which im sure they will be.

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    I tried to post something negative about redemptions on their blog last year, and the comment needed to be moderated, and never showed up for others to see. So, Panini is able to moderate the comments to only allow positives or mild negatives, which is why that is all you see on the website.
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