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Thread: 2013 Press Pass

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    2013 Press Pass

    First ever hobby store visit! First ever hobby packs! Shop owner just opened this box. I was the first to try. 3 packs of Press Pass 2013 Football. All players I dont know! All for trade!

    Pack 1
    marcus lattimore
    tyler eifert
    tyler wilson GOLD BASE
    star lotulelei
    dion jordan AUTO

    Pack 2
    tyler wilson
    stepfan taylor
    ryan swope
    ray graham
    cordarrelle patterson GOLD BASE

    Pack 3
    giovani bernard
    kenny stills
    collin klein
    deandre hopkins
    andre ellington GOLD BASE

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    pm me.any wvu players.and i may be able to use the auto.

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    Can use Texas A&M Aggies Swope XRC

    What you collect?

    Uncle Tiny
    Alfred Blue , Louis Nix III Current Texans and Astros FY Prospects and Rookies. ccw/tr trader of month honors /tr hofer of '09..

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    anything that catches my eye really. does beckett even have a BV on these yet?

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    Collin Klein and Joseph Randle.

    Can do a PWE if interested


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    nothing books yet..
    Alfred Blue , Louis Nix III Current Texans and Astros FY Prospects and Rookies. ccw/tr trader of month honors /tr hofer of '09..

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    Congratulations on the autograph in just three packs. And was this really your first EVER hobby store visit? Wow....I remember being twelve years old in Bell Gardens California walking about 5 miles with my buddies to the card shop on just about a weekly basis.

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    yes my first visit. i order most everything. the selection was not all the great but since he just ripped the plastic off the box I knew it was untouched

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    Sports cards is the only retail business that I know of that you can't ship back unsold inventory and usually eat at least half the cost if you can't sell it. Unopened stuff VERY rarely appreciates and usually just falls off a cliff after a year. Unless a dealer is dealing in super high volume there is just no way he can compete with the online warehouse places.

    The nice part about being a regular in a shop is the owner can really do you some solids. A lot of times customers will crack open a pack and get a really good card that the dealer just doesn't think he'll be able to move but if he knows you and knows it's something you'd like he can get it for you at a great price or sometimes just put the guy in touch with you. It's good business for him and gets you access to cards you'd not otherwise be able to get. And as corny as it sounds, I just miss the days of sitting back and opening a box of cards at the shop. It was different then.

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