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    Fran Tarkenton

    Charley Taylor

    Jim Taylor

    Lawrence Taylor

    Derrick Thomas

    Emmitt Thomas

    Thurman Thomas

    Jim Thorpe

    Andre Tippett

    Y.A. Tittle

    George Trafton

    Charley Trippi

    Emlen Tunnell

    Clyde (Bulldog) Turner

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    Doak Walker

    Bill Walsh

    Paul Warfield

    Bob Waterfield

    Mike Webster

    Roger Wehrli

    Arnie Weinmeister

    Randy White

    Reggie White

    Dave Wilcox

    Bill Willis

    Larry Wilson

    Ralph Wilson, Jr.

    Kellen Winslow

    Alex Wojciechowicz

    Willie Wood

    Rod Woodson

    Rayfield Wright

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    I am sure I missed some but ill check and fill them in.

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    Thats a nice graph... Not a big fan of encased since I put them in binders. Regardless what might you be interested in trade for it? have lots of goodies!

    Quote Originally Posted by FioreSA View Post
    very nice collection,

    i have an auto of cylde the bulldog turner psa/dna authenticated

    if you're interested

    Attachment 70801

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    Found a few more that were missing and put them in. Again I am always looking to fill in my holes mainly signed cards and 8x10's.

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    Very nice collection. Some of those photo's look familiar!

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