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    need paypal 4 nice cards for sale

    i need some paypal....looking to sell

    Bart Starr 99 Score Inscriptions Auto $60 (bv 100)

    Micheal Vick EX Clearly Authentics Dual Jsy Auto 090/104 $75 (bv 120)

    Steven Jackson 05 Donruss Classics Sig Signatures #06/10 $100 (no bv)

  2. Kronozio
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    make it 5 nice cards...

    Troy Aikman 04 SP Authentic Sign of the Times (bv 80) $70 (its graded)

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    you might get more hits if you lower some of the prices

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    Are those actually your sell values? $50 for a $60 press pass auto?

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    actually i already have a buyer on that one....

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    guys, just to toss this out there- they are his cards, he can ask what he wants for them. if you arent interested, simply dont reply, or make a counter offer, dont just question his prices if you have no intention of buying.
    Trav, didnt mean to stick this in here, but i felt it needed to be said
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    i was just giving him a tip

    'you might get more hits if you lower some of the prices'

    they are all beautiful cards I just thought it would help if he lowered them a little, wasnt ragging him or ne thing :new_silly

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    I was just trying to be helpful

    PS: The highest Jackson auto /10 to sell got $39.....


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    your kidding? the bv on it is 80 and thats number above 25

    id buy any i could find at 39

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