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    1 Box of 2011 Timeless Treasures = HUGE PC Pickup!!!

    Bought a box of 2011 Timless Treasures for $45 online and got this! Numbered to 5 and it looks like the patch has a piece of his auto on it. I suppercollect him so this was a huge pickup for me! sorry for the blurry looks better in person...

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    Congrats on the PC hit! That must be a great feeling getting a guy you collect. I'm always scared to buy any of that timeless. Usually see some baaaaad breaks.

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    I know! THat's what I was thinking but I figured I would just take the gamble and I got really lucky
    Priest Holmes SUPERcollector! 507 different cards so far 178 gu/autos with 7 1/1's!

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    solid hit!


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    Paying $45 for Timeless is a reasonable proposition. Congrats man, it's always awesome to pull a PC card!!!
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    $45 for Timeless Treasures, you can have a bad break and still not be totally pissed. Good break for you though! Congrats!
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    Nice PC hit, congrats
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    That is an awesome card for the PC! Great break for sure, even if everything else you got was junk. Not sure if it was, but a PC hit is always good.
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