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    The Hot Hand Strikes Once More! FOOTBALL Rips!! RGIII

    Let me start off with an intro for those who haven't been following me
    I started ripping packs about 10 months ago and have been really blessed
    I don't drink/drug/gamble, ect
    I work and lift and save, so I had money to throw around
    What got me interested in collecting was Harper, so I hit up the old local card shop 10 months ago and been doing awesome ever since.
    I pulled

    -2012 Tier One Auto Bryce Harper Auto ------ 8 months ago
    -2012 Topps Gold Moments Auto Yu Darvish ------- 8 month ago
    -2012 Topps Finest Triple auto/relic Luck Griffin Tannehill /10 ------ 7 months ago ish
    -2012 Elite /99 Auto Andrew Luck ------- 8 month ago
    -2012 Crown Royal /249 Auto Patch Andrew Luck ------ 2 months ago
    -2012 Topps Chrome Chipper Jones Superfractor 1/1 ---- 7 months agoish
    -2011 Rookies and Stars Titus Young 1/1 ---- 9 months ago
    -2012 Prizm Kyrie Irving auto ---- 2 months ago
    -2012 Elite Kyrie Irving auto ---- last week
    -2012 Prizm Anthony Davis Auto --- 2 Month ago
    -2012 Sterling Cepedes /10 Auto ---- 2 Months ago
    -2012 Tyler Skaggs 1/1 Superfractor rookie --- 2 months ago

    and now below is what I got off of today's breaks!

    2012 Certified Robert Griffin III /199! Auto patch, also notable is the Mcfadden /25 and the Geno Smith 1/25

    Babe Ruth Wasn't Alive When Sharpie Markers Were Invented!!

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    nice hits man!
    The Cards that have a big red NFT bar next to them in my album are NOT FOR TRADE!
    For Trade Album - Hidden Content
    Collecting Jarius Wright & Vikings (Vikes Uni) Auto's

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    sweet stuff!


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    Great hits. You've gotten some nice pulls lately.

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    nice hits how many boxes have you bought in the last 10 months? Great hits though. BTW those snap tight cases are not that good card moves around in them and gets damaged.

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