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    Okay $50 to spend give me something

    Okay so heres what I'm doing. I got $50 to spend. It will be money order or unless you can wait until Wed. night it can be paypal. I ONLY WANT MY SIGNAUTRE STUFF. Don't say hey take a look at my list. Its $50.

    I'm open to anything of those players. I dont need anymore Kobe RC's unless its his more high end stuff. I guess I could use another Bowman Best. I want a Finest.

    REALLY WANT LEBRON RC's. Real Lebron Rc's. Not any of his inserts.

    Also if you have Minnesota Twins or Vikings autos or gu those are fine. I can always sell those to my great card shop.

    Start sending me those offers.

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    actually Jake I'm really sorry but I didnt. I'm not a fan of gu balls. SOmetimes but not in this case. The Jordan I dont know I just didnt think was that cool??? I dont know why Beckett did that? sorry man.

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    Beckett just reflects (supposedly) the range that cards sell for around the country.

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    nene----What are you talking about??? He was not talking about beckett pricing

    softballa---no problem. I am sure you can get something nice for the $50

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    yeah I hope so. Thanks Jake for sending those scans. i appreciated it.

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    03-04 Bazooka Gold LeBron James RC #223
    troy williamson/ciatrick fason dual jsy

    for $12 DLVD

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    detroit how much do they both book for. sorry I'm away from my becketts.

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