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    The day I've been waiting for! The ONE & ONLY available Derek Whitmore Sabres jersey!

    A little introduction. There are only 3 official Derek Whitmore Buffalo Sabres jerseys in existence. Derek has both of his 2011-12 jerseys that he wore (navy was preseason, white was regular season). That means that there is only one left, the 2008-09 Team-Issued jersey for training camp, used for team pictures (He also has an 09-10 team picture but I believe he was just wearing an extra jersey that they never lettered or numbered). I have been in contact with Rich J. of the Buffalo Sabres for months about Derek's game jerseys, literally going back to when he first played last year. Long story short, Derek asked to have both of them. I asked Rich if there was anything the Sabres had of him, and he said that they did have one thing...and here it is!

    ^SHIELD!!! Haha

    And here is a picture of him wearing it, I guess they lettered and numbered it after the pictures:

    This is my third jersey of Derek, I have two Pirates game worn jerseys, one of which is seen in one of the pictures above. Of all three, this may be my favorite even though it is not game worn. This is the first NHL jersey Derek ever wore as a professional. I will not consider my jersey collection to be complete until I get an Augsburger jersey, a Rochester jersey and St. John's jersey, though that may be extremely difficult.

    Thanks for the look, comments are always appreciated!
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    Congrats! I just pulled something like this off myself with my Koivu PC, and I know just how much it means to a collector! Enjoy!!
    Check out my inventory:
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    (619 cards, and his 1000th game jersey!)

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    That's beyond amazing! Certainly a great addition to your PC, Eric! If you ever want a game-used shield card of him, send me that jersey and I'll chop the shield up for you! Don't worry about the jersey, you'll hardly notice, haha.

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    Hahahaha I'll probably pass on that offer Ethan! Hey, did you get my email?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HammerHawks View Post
    Hahahaha I'll probably pass on that offer Ethan! Hey, did you get my email?!
    I sure did, and I can do it! Please send me a scan or two of the design you like, just to give me something to work with. Thanks!
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    first off AMAZING PIECE second why so limited is he inlisted in the military thus unable to play ? congrats to you for an item you dig
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    I do not pay shipping ! unless Im buying

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    No sir, he has only played two NHL games thus far, so he only has actual game jerseys from one season.

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