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    FREE Joe Vitale FWA #/999 - See details inside!

    Hi Everyone,

    A friend of mine recently got back into the hobby and really liked the whole idea of box breaks. So after trying out a lot of team spots himself, he figured that it would be something that he would like to try out as well. We decided to get a few boxes and try it out for ourselves. I know we are the 100000000000th different youtube/ebay breaker to appear but it's another part of the hobby we can enjoy.

    We just completed our first break - 2 boxes of 10-11 Donruss Hobby - The videos are uploading as we speak and should be up for tomorrow. Trial and error, the first one took 30 mins... I know, but it was a good learning experience and we will work out the kinks for the next breaks~

    We also created a Facebook Page here: that I want to build some traffic for.....

    Therefore.... I've decided to give away a Joe Vitale FWA #/999 via which I will film and upload onto Youtube. I will make a post on the page about instructions on how I will select the people for the random. I would like to have 30 spots for the random, so the first 30 people (whom have Facebook, "like" our page and reference your SCF nickname or Real Name in the post will placed into the draw for the card. I will not do the random, until we have 30 people sign up. Thank you for your time and support!


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    Thursday bump!

    shoutout to: sko789 for being the first SCF member to post on the draw!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlai624 View Post
    Thursday bump!

    shoutout to: sko789 for being the first SCF member to post on the draw!
    I liked the page and post as well!

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    Best of luck with your GB's!! I should join some sooner or later! A "like" from me as well! (you can exclude me from the Contest)
    Major PC: Jonathan Toews
    Minor PC:Sasha Banks (WWE), Dylan Larkin, Jack Eichel
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    Thanks for all the support guys.

    We had to split the video into 4 separate videos and compress the quality because they were to long. We used a 720P Webcam originally. We definitely noted a lot of things to change for the next time but for the first time, we are pretty happy with it!

    This is a link to part 4 (recap of all the hits ) and the rest will be on the side:


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    Quote Originally Posted by jlai624 View Post
    Cool! what's your name there?
    Colin Hunt, I'll definitely join some of the upcoming GBs!

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    how many people would be interested in a double 11-12 pinnacle hobby box break?

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    Hey everyone!

    I created the break for Facebook here:

    Feel free to like our page or add me on Facebook "Jonathan Lai"


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    Thank you for everyone who took part in the contest! The card has been given away and my first Facebook break filled all 30 spots in 4 days!

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