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    Jarome Iginla Reportedly Submit List of 4 Teams He Will Accept a Trade

    Renaud Lavoie's RDS column today suggests that Flames captain Jarome Iginla would accept a trade to the following teams: Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings, and Pittsburgh Penguins.

    Because the Habs aren't on the list, and are doing so well, I want to see him stay in the West. Obviously Boston and Pittsburgh are two of the top teams the Canadiens are competing with this year, and anything that improves them would be a negative thing for me.

    Also, I would like to add that Jarome going to the Bruins would be like the Rebel Alliance trading Luke Skywalker to the Sith.
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    Jarome to the Pens would be just fine with me :)

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    Where did RDS get that info,from cbc's hotstove segment last night lol!

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    i heard the bruins are in the lead to get iginla

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    i think we all knew it was comming, very cool. i hope iginla prospers where he goes. i wouldnt mind him in LA, but i doubt that would happen. I see either boston or the pens getting him

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    its who wants to give up more for him either team ouch an the bruins need a jump start

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    Would love to see him wearing the Indianhead. They're on the list and Stan Bowman has made it known that if Iginla is available, the Hawks are definitely interested. Also, Hockey68, that info is courtesy of TSN's Darren Dreger
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    I guess it depends on what the cost will be. Hard to see any of those teams willing to give up too much in terms of roster players, both because of how well they're doing (or in LA's case, being the defending champs) and because of the potential that Iginla could just be a rental trade.

    I can't see Calgary settling on picks & prospects alone in exchange, but it's also likely that they'll take the best offer on the table before Iginla decides to go to market and leave them with nothing but memories.

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    Pens just got Brendan Morrow, so Iginla's not going to Pittsburgh, besides they are at the ceiling now I believe. There's not a chance that he goes to LA, so that leaves Chicago who's in the West and Boston who they never see.

    Boston is the logical choice. If so, the Bruins can legitimately bully their way to another final. Habs fans will have nightmares if this happens.

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    B's are not going to give too much up for him, maybe horton. Not sure why Calgary would want him. They actually do not have much in providence right now. Team is good, but quite a few of career minor leaguers. Morrow was on their radar also. Nice move for pens

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